A Basic First Aid Kit

Most people are prone to getting a cut, a blister, or even a scrape, so having a basic first aid kit is a great idea. Whether it be a real emergency or just to be prepared for the worst. There are some things that should be kept in all kits.

  1. Dressings and bandages
  2. Adhesive bandages in all sizes to cover all types of wounds.
  3. Alcohol wipes or cotton swabs
  4. Gauze pads of different sizes
  5. Dressing Tape
  6. Disposable gloves
  7. Scissors
  8. Safety pins
  9. Alcohol free cleaning wipes
  10. Sterile water
  11. Eye bandage
  12. Digital thermometer or an old fashioned thermometer
  13. Tweezers
  14. Mouthpiece for CPR
  15. Sanitizer
  16. Disposable syringes
  17. Cotton balls
  18. Basic cough and cold medicine (prescribed)
  19. Antiseptic solution
  20. Aspirin
  21. Povidone-iodine
  22. Antiseptic ointments
  23. Eye wash Saline solution
  24. Calamine lotion
  25. Sting relief spray or cream
  26. Anti-nausea meds
  27. Prescribed medicines

It is also very important to keep your emergency numbers in your first aid kit and make sure that it is kept where it is accessible for everyone. Till the next time it pays to be prepared.






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